If you want success, you must work on your judgement.

Success and judgement aren´t usually two words that tend to go hand in hand, are they? Mostly it is success and focus, success and positive thinking, success and passion and you get the picture. But success and judgement and more importantly good judgement is just as important.

When we talk about judgement we essentially mean good decisions. Good judgement means having an inner guiding system of sorts that helps you know the correct thing to do. Having bad judgement tends to lead you to overestimating or underestimating things in life.

This could mean that you have a problem and you overestimate the magnitude of this problem. The problem could in fact be very easily solved but you turn it into such a BIG deal that it almost seems impossible. On the other hand you could have a different kind of problem and that problem you underestimate.

Let´s say you have an anxiety disorder but you choose to block this problem out, thinking it´s fine, it´s fine until the anxiety blows up in your face and leaves you paralyzed. Correctly judging the magnitude of your problems is crucial.

Same thing goes for when it comes to your work. There is work that you do, where you overestimate the importance. You focus too much on certain things when the reward is in fact very small. On the other hand there is other work that you should be doing, but you underestimate the importance of it.

Maybe you spend a lot less time on this important part than you should or you could even be full out ignoring it, just because you have poor judgement. Many people also give up on their businesses because their judgement is off or they start businesses that are doomed from the get go.  

We have a lot of negative misconception about judgement but usually this refers to judging other people. This article is not about judging others, but about judging your life. When you have good judgement you are rational, practical and balanced.

You avoid impulsiveness, distractions and you don´t take underdeveloped ideas to heart. Good judgement can be a matter of life or death, as we know when it comes to doctors or 911 operators or even psychiatrists/psychologists. 

Good judgement is based on not only correct but also a somewhat vast amount of information. Bad decisions take place when there hasn´t been a sufficient exchange of information. One would think that in this information age, we have enough of it but the fact is that we don´t.

It´s not enough to watch a Ted Talk, read some blogs or newspapers and think that´s it. Education is still key and reading books or talking with people who are experts on their area is a far better way to go.

People, who struggle with mental health, usually have bad judgement. It´s not fully certain why this is but it´s possible that their mental health struggles drown out everything else just like grey, rainy clouds covering a light blue sky. It is crucial to get help so that these clouds clear because judging correctly will otherwise become hard.

If you do experience that you seem to have bad judgement then there are probably two things that you are lacking. One is that you are not down to earth and the second is that you are not practical.

These qualities seem to be less and less encouraged in our society, where it´s all about following your passion when you´re 19 or learning how to connect with your angels etc. There is nothing wrong with following your passions or connecting with your angels, if you wish but it must occur from a point when you are grounded.

To fully understand the importance of good judgement let´s take an example with Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla. Both men were successful in their fields and both were geniuses and perhaps Tesla even more so than Edison.

But while Edison died a successful and wealthy man, Tesla died poor and slightly delusional. There was a big difference in character traits in these two men. Tesla was creative but not very down to earth while Edison remained practical and levelheaded.

Edison had good judgement meaning he knew what to focus on and what was important, while Tesla did not and focused on what he wanted to focus on. Unlike Edison, Tesla underestimated the importance of good marketing and overestimated the importance of his single minded genius.

One could say that good judgment means going after the desired result but this is not the full truth. Good judgement is based on the decisions you make while you are striving for the desired result.

To make sure that your judgement is good, you must be logical and be able to discriminate between fact and opinion. You may think that something is stupid and a waste of time but if facts show that it works, then you need to do it.

In essence is all about critical thinking, meaning you need to identify your problem, do your research and be aware of biases before you go any further. Taking these kinds of steps, increases the likelihood of good judgment so before you rush into things and just decide to take things as they come, remember to assess your situation first.


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