The easiest self-talk strategy

Do you talk to yourself? Are you aware of what you´re saying or is your inner voice acting like a little robot that is recycling old nonsense? And could it be that with the help of your mind you are actually hurting yourself and standing in your own way? Think about it as if you´re sitting with a group of friends.

Do you then just blurt out anything that comes to mind even if it is inappropriate, harmful and hurtful? Probably not but chances are you do this to yourself because there are no limits between yourself and your mind. If you speak negatively to yourself than that is because you lack boundaries and find it difficult to say “that´s enough.” The first way to stop this is to ask yourself “what is it that I actually say to myself.”

You´re always going to talk to yourself but you might as well make it a pleasant experience that will benefit you instead of making a mess out of your life. Careless self-talk is what stands in the way for your full potential. Be a little more considerate and you´ll see how much your mood improves and hence your life.

Self-talk is not the only way to success because success depends has many different but the beauty with self-talk is that your brain believes what you tell it most often. This means that it´s ok to think negatively about yourself once in a while but it will tear you apart if you do it every day and most of the time.

Your brain will create what you tell it about yourself because it has no other choice. For instance try replacing “I am lazy” instead of “I am productive.” This is how we were programmed as kids. When your parents kept saying “You´re lazy,” they programmed you with the belief that you were lazy. Now, what done is done but it truly is within your power to reprogram yourself.

Self-help is a million dollar industry and yet so many people still struggle. So, there has to be a problem somewhere which nobody quite can seem to guess what it is. You could say that the problem is that people fail because they don´t apply the self-help tips and while that may be true it could also be that the self-help industry is becoming riddled with junk and complicated ideas which can make you want to ignore all of it.

But you shouldn´t do that. What you should do instead is to go simple. Remember that simplicity is classic, elegant, and functional. Simplicity is based on small things done consistently over time.

This means that you can´t nurture your mind once a week and think that will be enough. No, it has to be done every day in order for you to see results. Some people start to reprogram their mind and then they quit after a few day because “it´s not working.”

In reality it does work but it´s not a magical pill that works after one use. You must constantly give yourself attention. Think about how much attention you give to celebrities, or media or Instagram. All this useless things are very good at stealing from you, because they steal precious time that you could be giving to yourself.

Language shapes behavior, which is why you need to use language that shapes wanted behavior. But so many of us struggle with our self-talk so here is a simple little trick for you. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down these words.

Gratitude, Love, Peace, Tranquility, Warmth, Enthusiasm, Joy, Beauty, Secure, Safe, Compassion.

Positive words like these have the power to reprogram your brain. You can of course change these words to something that suits you more, for instance “patient, resilient, determined, creative etc.” Choose words that invoke you with a sense of warmth.

Before you go to sleep, take out that piece of paper and just look at it for a couple of seconds. That´s all you need to do, just look. Do this every day, consistently at a bare minimum of at least one month and a half (but preferably longer) to see the benefits.

Source: What to say when you talk to yourself by Shad Helmstetter      

Words can change your brain by Andrew Newberg

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