Express your opinions and feel better

Many people recoil when they´re asked to express their opinion. The reason for this may be hard to understand because it is just an opinion, but the fact is that people fear expressing a wrong or unpopular opinion because it could make them the outcast of the group.

When we are excluded from the group it makes us feel stressed, which is why we tend to do anything that differentiates us from them. And so they agree with others or state an opinion which isn´t their own at all but is similar to those of the group.

However, expressing your opinion is actually quite healthy. It leads to new ideas and new developments, both at home, in your workplace and even in the world.

If we all constantly agreed with each other, there wouldn´t be any beneficial growth. Expressing your opinion will also make other people more aware of who you are as a person and if you´re open with your opinions they can also help you with seeing things from a different perspective, which is beneficial for your own personal growth.  

A warning though is to not become so confident with stating your opinion that you start viewing your opinions as the ultimate truth. People who are highly attached to their own opinions can become blinded to other possibilities and also come across as arrogant and annoying.



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